Sod Installation

Hunsader Sod Company provides full removal and installation service of lawn sod in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and all surrounding areas.


Healthy soil conditions are essential in maintaining a healthy, green and steady lawn.   At Hunsader Sod Co, we pride ourselves to make sure that your soil is capable of sustaining all forms of sod by conducting proper soil preparation which includes removal of existing weeds and grass, aerating the soil by either manual or pneumatic methods, and recommendation of fertilizers and weed control if needed prior to re-sodding your new lawn.  Grounds will then be smoothed and flattened to allow for proper drainage.   We pay meticulous attention to the fine manicured edges around the home, flower beds and planters, driveways and walkways, to ensure you get a finely manicured lawn form the beginning.

What truly sets Hunsader Sod Company part from others is summed up two words:  Quality! & Value!

We use only quality sod that has been inspected by our staff during growth to pallet.  Not only do we inspect soil quality at your home, we inspect soil quality on the farms to ensure that the sod you receive is the best and will last.   All sod is fresh cut and ready for installation within 48 hours from the time is was harvested on the farm to installed on your property.   Never do our clients receive discount sod that has been sitting on pallets for days or weeks in the hot sun before being installed.  In fact we guarantee the quality of our sod for 90 days* from the date of installation.  Quality doesn’t stop with the sod.  Quality is extended throughout the entire processes of re-sodding your yard to ensure proper drainage, proper elevations for existing sprinkler or irrigation systems, and quality installation and roll out to seat the sod and ensure a firm hold on the root system.  The value in our service is the care we provide and knowing that your lawn is a lawn that will look beautiful for many years to come!

No Job is Too Big or Too Small For Hunsader Sod Co.

From a single pallet to an entire football field or more, Hunsader Sod Company has your needs covered!   We operate on a scalable basis to handle small jobs, or with large John Deere Tractors and flat bed trailers to handle large projects.   Our pricing is highly competitive for both residential and commercial sod projects.  Though we do not make promises to be the cheapest sod company around, we do pride ourselves on proving the highest levels of quality at more than a fair price!   Call us today for a FREE Quotation on your sod or lawn project.   We will be glad to evaluate the property, soil conditions and help make any recommendations you need before proceeding with your sod or lawn project in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and all surrounding areas.