Sod Products

Hunsader Sod Company is proud to offer over over 20 different types of New Sod from local farms and various growers for which we have inspected and certified as providing top quality sod products. Having been in the farming industry for over 30 years, the Hunsader Family are no strangers to knowing the difference between quality and quantity. We work with local growers on a regular basis to ensure that the Sod you receive was grown with nutrient rich soil, properly protected from pests and weeds using only eco-friendly processes and harvested at just the right time to deserve to be called your new lawn!

Please view the lists of our ten most popular Sod Products to help determine which type of sod best suits your needs and desires. Some types are only available on a seasonal basis. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss which sods are currently available and we will gladly help you select the best suited sod with a free onsite consultation.

bahia2  Empire Zoysia


bradenton sod  Ecoturf Perennial Peanut


bradenton sod  Celebration Bermuda


bradenton sod  Discovery Bermuda


bradenton sod  Tifway 419 Bermuda


sarasota sod  Floratam St. Augustine


sarasota sod  Sapphire St. Augustine


sarasota sod  Seville St. Augustine


sarasota sod  Beaumont Bahia


sarasota sod  Native Seashore Paspalum